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Last updated 5 years ago

We have provided you with skin cancer and breast cancer self-exams, but there are other self-checks that you should perform every month to help ensure health. 

  • Nails – check your nails for dark lines on nail beds, which could be a sign of cell damage from melanoma, or white stripes. Paired with fatigue, these could mean a problem processing protein in the kidney.
  • Armpits – if you see patches of rough, dark skin it could be a sign of diabetes. An excess of insulin in the bloodstream can manifest itself through skin cells multiplying abnormally fast.
  • Eyelids, Knees, and Elbows – spotting small, soft white or waxy lumps could be cholesterol deposits.  By the time they show, cholesterol levels are very high and pose a serious risk for heart disease.
  • Scalp – thinning hair or excessive hair loss is a common indicator of thyroid disorder, or skin flaking coupled with frequent sickness and weight gain could be a sign of extreme stress.
  • Belly – thick, dark hair or stubble in a diamond shape, versus simply extending toward the pubic bone, could be a sign of polycystic ovarian syndrome, caused by excessive production of androgens.
  • Tongue – white, yellow, or orange coating could mean that you are experiencing acid reflux during your sleep.
  • Eyes – under-eye circles that are persistent could mean allergies or a yellowish bump on you eyeball is a sign of a harmless condition called pinguecela.

If you find anything of concern while performing self exams, call your doctor to schedule an appointment.

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