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While pregnancy is an exciting and beautiful time, the morning sickness that comes with it is not so glamorous.  In fact, it can be rather debilitating.  According to Parents Magazine, 70% of women experience morning sickness in the form of nausea, and 50% of those include vomiting. We want to help you reduce your discomfort during this time when your body is working overtime to help your little one grow! 

  • Take a Pregnancy Vacation – If you are able to, it is a great idea to schedule a week off around the seventh and eighth weeks of your pregnancy. Not able to take a week off? Don’t push it – if you wake up feeling awful, take the day off!
  • Keep a Fresh Scent – because of the estrogen hormone, a lot of morning sickness is smell-associated. By keeping lemon extract or a sprig of rosemary in your bag, you will be able to sneak a sniff when a wave of nausea approaches.
  • Keep Track – To you it may seem that morning sickness comes and goes as it pleases, but there is typically a pattern as far as timing, how your body feels, or your surroundings.  Once you are able to track the triggers, you can avoid them whenever possible.
  • Stay Hydrated – Making a point to drink the proper amount of water daily is crucial for a tummy that will not keep anything down.  The more dehydrated you are, the more nauseous you become.  Determine what temperature water is best for you to drink. Some women say ice cold and others say steaming hot!
  • Find What “Sounds Good” – When you are nauseous, food never sounds good, but it is crucial for you and your infant to get the proper amount of calories and nutrition. There is no cure-all for an upset stomach, so go with whatever sounds good to you!  Consider trying to graze all day, versus having 3 larger meals a day.
  • Get Distracted – While your morning sickness is not the easiest thing to ignore, do something that entertains you enough to get your focus off of your nausea. Be careful of rushing to the computer for distraction, as computer screens can have strobe light effect and actually make you more nauseous.
  • Never Leave Home without Your Survival Kit – While getting sick in public places is never pleasant, it can be more bearable if you have a fresh blouse, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and an emergency plastic bag. 
  • Seek Help – If you are unable to keep anything down, visit a doctor.  You may need the help of medication in order to calm your nausea.

Do not be afraid to stick with something unusual or strange if it works, and fear not – it will pass!

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